Enjoy the richest tasting sweets
the patissier filled with his passion.



gateaux dune qualite superieure

The top quality sweets for customers
It’s our promise we have kept since our inauguration in 1964.
We have been trying sincerely to make every sweets by ingredients that pattisier choose carefully for himself since we opened our shops at Shukugawa,and we’ll never change forever.
We hope we are loved by all in Shukugawa we do love.



Mellow and rich taste chocolates,
aromatic aomonds, honey made from rare pollen, we use highly salected ingredients.
You can enjoy the barnacny with chispy dough.

ELBERUN cookie

Milk Chocolate

ELBERUN cookie

White Chocolate

Chocolate Sable


Cheese & Tomato

Kokutou & Coffee

Tounyu & Okara

Ocha & Kuromame

Bee Pollen Pie

Almond Pie

Frozen Cookies & Cakes

It is secret of the delicious taste that the dough which is soft even if it is refrigecated.


Bee Pollen

Yogurt Strawberry Cake

Yogurt Blueberry Cake

Frozen Chocolate

The chocolate produces freshness and sweetness of aftertaste.

Nama Choko Futatsu

Kin no Hachimitsu


Shukugawa Since 1964

  • cookie & cake ELBERUN

    You can order assorted cookies,
    fresh sweets and frozen sweets
    by FAX or express home delivery service.

  • Patissier

    Owner Chef Eiji Kakita


{Zip : 662-0063} 7-12,Aioi-cho,Nishinomiya-shi,Hyogo,Japan
Open : (mon,thu,fri,sat,sun) 9:00-18:00
Wednesday : (only for gift items) 10:00-12:30、13:00-16:00
Close : Tuesday

2-3 minute walk from Hankyu Shukugawa Station.
10 minute walk from JR Sakurashukugawa Station

TEL : 0120-440-380 (0798-74-4349)
FAX : 0120-440-580 ( 0798-74-7113)